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Dots n Dishes 2024
Dots n Dishes in the birch forrest 2024
Dots and the brickwall 2024
Dishes in the snowfall 2024
Poor Boy
No Strings Attached
Lets be Still
Man in the snowglode.
She and he in a snowglobe
catapilar girl and butterfly boy in a snowglobe
Margret Clitherow
Speaking Japanese two. 2022 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 52 inches
Speaking Japanese (time bomb lovers) 2021 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 40 inches_edited
Jack the Dog 2021 acrylic on birch panel_edited
Modern Day Sinners 2022
Good Shepherd 2022 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 40 inches_edited
The Good Dog 2022, acrylic on birch panel_edited
The Birch Forrest 2021 inches acrylic on birch panel 48 x 60 inches _edited
From Your Mouth to Me 2021, acrylic on birch panel_edited
King of Hearts 2021
Deep Round the Door 2021 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 68 inches _edited
Bay of Pigs 2021
Moonlight 2021 acrylic on birch pane_edited
St. John the Gambler 2021
The Day after you Stole my Heart 2020 acrylic on birch panel 58 x 60 inches_edited
Fuckers' 2021 acrylic on birch panel, 58 x 60 inches _edited
il Vicinato 2020 acrylic on birch panel_edited
Saint Michael 2020
Monkey Men and Wild Flowers 2020 acrylic on birch panel 60 x 58 inches _edited
June 30th 2020. 2020
Speaking Japanese Three 2020 acrylic on birch panel, 58 x 60 inches PS _edited
Post Cards 2020_edited
Red Herring 2020_edited
The Body of Christ_edited
Thank God and Robert Mapplethorpe _edited
Between the Bars 2020
The Annunciation 2020
Winter 2019
Her Other Hand in Mine 2020_edited
The Story of Griselda 2019_edited_edited
I Still Dream of You 2019_edited
White Mans World 2019_edited_edited
Swallow Them Whole 2019_edited
Madonna dell' albero 2019_edited
The Civil Wars 2019_edited
One Day Gone 2019-2021_edited
Carolina 2020_edited
Yellow Brick Road 2019_edited
Life and Death 2018_edited
Life and Death - Detail_edited
Boy 2018_edited
Followed by the Fur 2018_edited
One Winters Night 2018_edited
Ruth With Black Birds 2018_edited
Cats Who Eat the Canary 2018_edited
Once Upon a Time on Woodyard Road 2018_edited
Somewhere Inside the Mushroom House 2018_edited
The Black Christ 2018_edited
Every Girl 2018_edited
California 2018_edited
Almost Tuscany 2018_edited
Ruth 2018_edited
Where a Stranger Could Live 2018_edited
Where Lilies Blow 2018_edited
Of Italian Descent 2018_edited
Beauty and Madness 2017_edited
Speaking Japanese 2017
Little Red Birds 2017_edited
The Palmer House 2017_edited
The Young Buck 2017_edited
The Endless Day 2017_edited
The Hard Problem 2017_edited
Moonlit Night 2017_edited
The Art Lovers 2017_edited
Detail- The Art Lovers_edited
The Widget Maker 2017_edited
Detail- The Widget Maker
Fortune House 2016
Sweet Geneva 2016 _edited
Self Portrait in Winter 2016 _edited
My W hite Shoes 2016
Clare to Here 2016 _edited
Lovers 2016
Man in Blue Suit 2016
Cat in the Window 2016
Self Portrait in Summer 2016 _edited
Detail - he Widget Maker
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