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Margret Clitherow
Speaking Japanese two. 2022 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 52 inches
Speaking Japanese (time bomb lovers) 2021 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 40 inches_edited
Jack the Dog 2021 acrylic on birch panel_edited
Modern Day Sinners 2022
Good Shepherd 2022 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 40 inches_edited
The Good Dog 2022, acrylic on birch panel_edited
The Birch Forrest 2021 inches acrylic on birch panel 48 x 60 inches _edited
From Your Mouth to Me 2021, acrylic on birch panel_edited
King of Hearts 2021
Deep Round the Door 2021 acrylic on birch panel, 48 x 68 inches _edited
Bay of Pigs 2021
Moonlight 2021 acrylic on birch pane_edited
St. John the Gambler 2021
The Day after you Stole my Heart 2020 acrylic on birch panel 58 x 60 inches_edited
Fuckers' 2021 acrylic on birch panel, 58 x 60 inches _edited
il Vicinato 2020 acrylic on birch panel_edited
Saint Michael 2020
Monkey Men and Wild Flowers 2020 acrylic on birch panel 60 x 58 inches _edited
June 30th 2020. 2020
Speaking Japanese Three 2020 acrylic on birch panel, 58 x 60 inches PS _edited
Post Cards 2020_edited
Red Herring 2020_edited
The Body of Christ_edited
Thank God and Robert Mapplethorpe _edited
Between the Bars 2020
The Annunciation 2020
Winter 2019
Her Other Hand in Mine 2020_edited
The Story of Griselda 2019_edited_edited
I Still Dream of You 2019_edited
White Mans World 2019_edited_edited
Swallow Them Whole 2019_edited
Madonna dell' albero 2019_edited
The Civil Wars 2019_edited
One Day Gone 2019-2021_edited
Carolina 2020_edited
Yellow Brick Road 2019_edited
Life and Death 2018_edited
Life and Death - Detail_edited
Boy 2018_edited
Followed by the Fur 2018_edited
One Winters Night 2018_edited
Ruth With Black Birds 2018_edited
Cats Who Eat the Canary 2018_edited
Once Upon a Time on Woodyard Road 2018_edited
Somewhere Inside the Mushroom House 2018_edited
The Black Christ 2018_edited
Every Girl 2018_edited
California 2018_edited
Almost Tuscany 2018_edited
Ruth 2018_edited
Where a Stranger Could Live 2018_edited
Where Lilies Blow 2018_edited
Of Italian Descent 2018_edited
Beauty and Madness 2017_edited
Speaking Japanese 2017
Little Red Birds 2017_edited
The Palmer House 2017_edited
The Young Buck 2017_edited
The Endless Day 2017_edited
The Hard Problem 2017_edited
Moonlit Night 2017_edited
The Art Lovers 2017_edited
Detail- The Art Lovers_edited
The Widget Maker 2017_edited
Detail- The Widget Maker
Fortune House 2016
Sweet Geneva 2016 _edited
Self Portrait in Winter 2016 _edited
My W hite Shoes 2016
Clare to Here 2016 _edited
Lovers 2016
Man in Blue Suit 2016
Cat in the Window 2016
Self Portrait in Summer 2016 _edited
Detail - he Widget Maker
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